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4mm. scale etched brass kit for L&Y D.104 Corridor Composite carriage


Un-built 4mm. scale etched Chowbent kit for L&Y Dia.104 Corridor Composite carriage

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This 4mm. scale etched brass kit for the Lancashire & Yorkshire Dia.104 Corridor Composite carriage was produced by Chowbent Castings. The kit is un-started, but it cannot be guaranteed to be complete. Wheels, couplings, glazing, paints and transfers of choice will be required. There are whitemetal castings for the buffers, but these are not sprung. There is an etch for the carriage floor and etched compensating units for the bogie whitemetal sub-kits. The kit has a rolled brass roof. Detailing parts are protected in sealable packets. There is no instructions/information leaflet but the kit box is in very good little-used condition.

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