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4mm. un-started kits to build the LNWR/LMS Webb 2-4-2T locomotive


Un-started 4mm. scale GEM kits to build a LNWR/LMS Webb 2-4-2T locomotive

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These un-started 4mm. scale GEM kits will build the LNWR/LMS Webb 2-4-2T locomotive. The box contains two GEM kits:

  • The whitemetal body kit cat. ref. 4001
  • The etched nickel-silver chassis kit cat. ref. 4104

The kits have the building instructions, but wheels, motor, gears, handrail knobs, wire, paint & transfers of purchasers choice will be required. The kits are contained in the original GEM box, which is substantial, and in seal-able packets.

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