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4mm. un-started kits to build the North London Railway 0-6-0T locomotive


4mm. scale un-started complementary kits to build a NLR 0-6-0T locomotive

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These complementary un-started 4mm. scale kits will build a North London Railway 0-6-0T locomotive based on the GEM Premier kit ref. 4002. In addition to the GEM Premier body kit ref. 4002, the box contains the following Branchlines kits:

  • Chassis kit containing etched nickel-silver frames, 00/EM/18.83 spacers, cylinders, rods, brakes, balance weights, lost-wax brass crossheads
  • Chassis Completion Kit containing a Mashima 12v. 5-pole motor, Branchlines gearbox, Romford 18mm. Crewe insulated wheels, Romford 18mm. Crewe non-insulated wheels, Romford axles, crankpins, crankpin washers, “straw hat” bearings, printed circuit board for pick-ups, insulated wire, phosphor bronze spring wire & 8BA/10BA screws & nuts.
  • Body Detailing Kit containing lost-wax brass vacuum pipes, brake valve, safety valve, LNWR chimney, smokebox door handle, clack valves, spring buffers, hand rail knobs, vacuum cylinder, wire & hand wheels.

All the kits are contained in sealed/sealable bags. Paints, transfers and couplings of choice will be required. All the items are contained within the GEM substantial box with instruction leaflets.

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