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7mm. scale BR(M) Cowens Sheldon 15T. Steam Crane r/n RS 1025/15 & Match Truck r/n DM 116953, weathered black livery.

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This new 7mm. scale BR(M) Cowens Sheldon 15t. Steam Crane (r/n RS 1025/150 and Match Truck (r/n DM 116953) in weathered black livery are built and painted by Peter Callon. The crane is built from the “D&S etched brass & whitemetal kit, whilst the match truck is scratch-built.

The prototype of this crane was supplied to the Midland Railway in 1899 and initially located at Bristol. Subsequently, the crane was located at Warrington, Liverpool (Edge Hill), and finally at Bletchley. It was withdrawn from Bletchley in 1961.

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