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BR (Ex.NER/LNER) Dia.162 Push/Pull Carriage r/n E21619E


7mm. finescale etched brass kit-built BR (Ex.NER/LNER) Dia.162 Push/Pull Carriage r/n E21619E in teak brown livery

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This 7mm. finescale BR (EX.NER/LNER) Dia.162 Push/Pull Composite Carriage number E21619E in lightly weathered 1950s teak brown livery was built & painted from the D&S Models etched brass kit by John Jarvis (plate on underside). The model is in very good running order and as-built condition. The disc wheels are metal-tyred and one of the bogies is compensated. The glazed interior has seating and partitions. The buffers and couplings are sprung. Much extra detail has been added.

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