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BR(E) 20 ton Dia.61 Brake Van r/n 278704


7mm. finescale kit-built BR(E) 20 ton Dia.61 r/n 278704 with light weathering.

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This 7mm. finescale fitted BR(E) 20 ton Dia.61 “Toad D” number 278704 was built, painted & weathered by John Jarvis (signed on underside) for TMS Models and has not been previously owned. Prototypically built in 1946, It is depicted in 1950 condition, at which time it still retained its NE running number. Very good running order and as new condition. The wheelsets are metal-tyred, with one axle having vertical free movement at the axle boxes. Buffers and screw couplings are sprung. Glazed cabin & high standard of detailing, particularly with regard to underfloor brake rodding, wooden footboards & handrails.

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