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BR(W) 47xx Class 2-8-0 tender engine 4701


7mm. finescale BR(W) 47xx Class 2-8-0 number 4701 lined brunswick green livery & late crest

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This 7mm. finescale BR(W) 47xx Class 2-8-0 tender engine number 4701 in lined brunswick green livery with late crest was built & painted by Graham Varley from the Martin Finney etched brass kits. It is fitted with Slater’s wheels & is powered by MSC gearbox/Canon motor fitted with flywheel. Power is collected from both engine & tender. The two leading axles of the tender are beam compensated, as are the trailing two driving axles of the engine (working hornblocks), whilst the leading two driving axles have working hornblocks. The engine has scale couplings & sprung buffers. The glazed cab has full detail (including backhead & fallplate) whilst the tender has coal & fire irons.

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