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BR(W) Weedkiller Train


7mm. finescale BR(W) Weedkiller Train

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This 7mm. scale BR(W) Weedkiller Train comprises: 1 x concentrate tank wagon; 3 x water tenders (all different); 1 x enclosed brake/goods van. The water tenders are all scratchbuilt utilising etched brass kits, tender number 1 is fitted with a pump/compressor, weedkiller trackbed spray shoes/pipework & access platforms/handrails. The train was purchased from the Michael Heaven Collection & has since been restored/re-engineered by John Jarvis including new Slater’s finescale wheelsets & Slater’s flexible wire-wound larger diameter hoses.

There remains further detailing to add/resolve – for example: water supply connections from tender number 2; concentrate connection from the concentrate tank wagon (did this tank wagon have a running number?); water tenders have original brakegear with re-configured brake rodding but no vacuum hosing/connection/cylinders – how was this activated/controlled?. Contributions of information will be most welcome.

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