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Class 124 Trans-Pennine “InterCity” DMU Trix 2 Car Set


3.8mm. scale BR Class 124 Trans-Pennine “InterCity” DMU Two Car Set in blue/grey livery released by Lilliput (cat. ref. 1177) during 1967-73.

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This 3.8mm. scale BR Class 124 Trans-Pennine “InterCity” DMU 2 Car Set fleet number 51960 in blue/grey livery was released during the period 1967-73 by Lilliput (Cat. Ref. 1177). The set is in the original box, which is in good and whole condition with inner foam tray and lining. The set is in very good external condition with single power bogie and a dummy bogie. The set has been serviced and cleaned, with the power unit in working order. The pick-ups in the dummy bogie have been replaced and now work well along with the 12v. coach lighting units.The existing traction tyres are serviceable, but there are some spare tyres in the packet in the box. The dummy car has heavy cast bogies, both of which have pick-ups and connections to the lighting unit strip, which is in working condition. There is no power connection between the two cars. Destination boards have “Chester” at one end, and “Llandudno” at the other.

The plastic bogie side frames are cast in pairs on a rectangular frame to fit over the bogies and held in place with screws. They have been repaired but are fragile.

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