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Gauge 1 BR(W) “Hall” Class r/n 4901 “Adderley Hall” in weathered lined black livery with early emblem


Gauge 1 BR(W) “Hall Class” 4-6-0 r/n 4901 “Adderley Hall” weathered lined black livery and early emblem.

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This Guage One BR(W)  “Hall Class” 4-6-0 tender locomotive fleet number 4901 “Adderley Hall” in weathered lined black livery with early emblem was built from the Barrett Steam Models Ltd. kits. It is understood that the chassis kits were purchased from Barrett and built seperately, whilst the body was built by another builder from Barrett kits. Radio Control was fitted with On/Off switch mounted under the tender buffer beam. A low boiler water detector was fitted. Manuals and instructions are present, as is a wooden storage/transporter box.

Prior to current sale, Peter Alliott undertook a steam test and subsequently overhauled the locomotive involving removal of the cab and boiler. In addition, the battery under the tender and the battery charging socket have been replaced. Lubricator work has been undertaken including replacement of the filler washer. Air test on rollers indicated the eccentric straps on rear driving axle were fouling chassis cross-member. Burner wicks have been replaced, and the servo mounting adjusted so that the regulator could open properly. The boiler has been cleaned and washed to remove extremely dirty water. The seal around the base of the smoke box has been resealed and leaking to the LH cylinder corrected along with drilling and tapping holes in steam chest to match the RH side. The axle pump was removed and overhauled. The regulator has been modified to give more clearance for operation by the servo.

The locomotive has been tested on track and is running well. Please note the locomotive must be operated with the Fuel Valve screwed out of the tank further than a valve would usually be opended.


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