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Gauge 1 GCR 64ft. Corridor First Class carriage r/n 5678 in brown & cream livery.


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This gauge 1 Great Central Railway 64ft. Corridor First Class carriage fleet number 5678 in brown & cream livery was built by “Milbro” (Mill Bros) of Sheffield. The carriage is in good running order on brass compensated 4-wheel bogies fitted with cast wheelsets. The carriage body is built with seasoned hardwood panels and glass windows. The timber floor has metal trusses, frames and step boards.. The brass buffers are sprung, both couplings are sprung knuckle type, whilst the gangways are wooden fabrications with no flexibility. Lamp brackets, footsteps and hand rails are metal fixings. The interior has partitions with seating in the compartments, and headrests with lace covers. Painted figures occupy some of the compartments.


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