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Gauge 1 GCR Class 1 4-6-0 tender locomotive r/n 423 “Sir Sam Fay” fully lined green livery.


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This gauge 1 Great Central Railway Class 1 4-6-0 tender locomotive fleet number 423 “Sir Sam Fay” in the fully lined green circa 1912 livery was commissioned by Bob Head in 1988 from Alan Curtis (etchd brass name plate under the tender). Actual builder is unknown. The locomotive has motor/gearbox fitted and is configured for radio control. The re-charging socket and on/off switch are mounted on the boxings in the cab over the rear driving wheels, and the battery pack is mounted inside the firebox/boiler of the locomotive, as is the transmitter. The cab has backhead detail and two crew figures mounted on the cab floor. The cast driving wheels are not compensated with axle bearings soldered directly into the frames. The leading bogie has side movement and a centre mounted spring allowing vertical compensation movement. The front buffers and screw coupling are sprung, although one of the buffers is currently locked-up against the spring.

The locomotive/tender coupling allows simple de-coupling, whilst the tender rear buffer beam knuckle-type coupling is sprung, as are the rear buffers. Tender wheelsets are cast and the centre axle has vertical movement. There is no coal load to the tender. Generally, the locomotive paintwork is very good and has little sign of handling/usage damage. Currently, the locomotive is not in good running order, although the battery and transmitter are now functioning and the motor has turned. No controller or storage/transport box.

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