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Gauge 1 LMS 4-6-0 “Patriot” tender locomotive r/n 5520 “Llandudno” LMS maroon livery.


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This Gauge 1 live steam LMS 4-6-0 “Patriot” Class tender locomotive fleet number 5520 “Llandudno” in LMS lined maroon livery is believed to have been built by Paul Forsyth. The locomotive is previously owned and was first serviced by Peter Alliott in 2017. Prior to sale, Peter has serviced the locomotive again. The pressure gauge was removed, the supply pipe cleared and gauge refitted. The boiler has been descaled and reassembled, lubricator reservoir cleaned, and the lubrecator drain pipe resoldered. The fuel tank has been cleaned out (fuel tank appears to block easily and should be monitored). A new pump handle has been made, and the dummy eccentric rod to return crank refitted. Locomotive air tested and subequently steam tested on rollers,. Locomotive in good steaming and running order. Replacement front lamp bracket fabricated. Complete with wooden transporting/storage box with end hinged access panel.

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