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Gauge 1 LMS 57ft. Corridor Composite Dining Car r/n 9747 in late period lined maroon livery.


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This Gauge 1 LMS 57ft.Corridor Composite Dining Car fleet number 9747 in late lined maroon livery is of aluminium construction with plastic windows. The carriage has been repainted, but there is a small painting repair around the ventilator above the First Class passenger door on one side.  The carriage is in good running order, build and finish. The 4-wheel bogies of metal build have metal tyred wheels and sprung axle boxes. The underfloor detailing is comprehensive and the coach ends are well detailed with sprung buffers and couplings – one being three link and the other of knuckle configuration. The gangways are well built with limited compression. The carriage interior has partitions, good seating with head rests and covers. The tables have cloths and non-working lamps.

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