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Gauge 1 LNER (Ex.NER) 50ft. Suburban 3rd. Class carriage in brown livery


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This Gauge 1 LNER (Ex.NER) 50ft. Suburban 3rd. Class carriage in matt brown livery with no transfers is built from an aluminium kit. The carriage is in good running order with metal tyred disc wheelsets set in brass frames with cast Gresley overlays (one bogie has received some repairs and the cast overlay to one side needs some attention). The carriage superstructure is aluminium with panel beading overlays. The roof is rolled aluminium but not well fitted at the carriage ends (secured by screwed brackets). The model has plastic glazing. The buffers and couplings are sprung. The interior has ply partitions with red bench seating. There is some damage to door handles. Electric lighting is fitted with on/off switch mounted to the carriage underside, but currently has no battery pack connected. Other than trusses there is no other underfloor detailing. Underfloor hand painted number 2 denoting position in the carriage set.

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