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Gauge 1 “Southern Pacific Lines” Clerestory Pullman Car “Colestin Springs”.


Gauge 1 cast aluminium “Southern Pacific Lines” Clerestory Pullman car “Coliston Springs”.

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This Gauge 1 “Southern Pacific Lines” Clerestory Pullman Car “Colestin Springs” is a re-cast aluminium Randall heavyweight Pullman car sold by Robert’s Lines in the 1980’s. The car has cast 6-wheel bogies, and glazing but no detailed interior. Originally, this car was a relic of Evanston, produced in the late 1920’s and 1930’s by Thomas Randall of Chicagoland. The line consisted of a Hudson locomotive and four passenger cars. Bob Thon of Roberts continued to supply castings for the four different cars through to the 1990’s when the molds finally wore out. The Hudson locomotive was never re-cast as the original mold was lost or destroyed in the 1930’s. Modern box supplied.