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Guage 1 SR (Ex.SECR) 12T. Twin Bolster wagons r/ns 58119A & 58120A


Guage 1 kit-built SR (Ex. SECR) Dia. 1608 12T. Twin Bolster wagons r/ns 58119A & 58120A matt grey finish.

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These Gauge 1 SR (Ex.SECR) 12T. Twin Bolster wagons fleet numbers 58119A & 58120A (SR Dia. 1608) are built and painted from plastic kits (Northern Finescale?). They are in good running order and generally good condition with matt finishes. The twin spoked wheelsets have metal tyres. The couplings and buffers are sprung, but some of the buffers are not fully retractable. The bolsters are held in position by screws with heads adjustable from below. There are brass chains allocated to both wagons but hooks will need to be opened-up from the outer links of the chains as required. Some of the transfers will need attention/replacement. The wagons will be boxed for transport/storage purposes.

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