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“HO” scale Santa Fe Fairbanks – Morse H10-44 Diesel Switch Locomotive r/n 508


“HO” scale customer-assembled Santa Fe Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 Switch Locomotive

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This customer-assembled “HO” scale Santa Fe Fairbanks – Morse H10-44 Diesel Switch Locomotive running number 508 was released by Walthers (cat. ref. 932-1325) This Austrian model is in very good running order and generally good condition. However some of the handrail detailing will need refixing/re-fabricating. At the cab end, one vertical cab-fitted rear corner handrail will need re-fabricating. The lateral locomotive near-side mounted handrail will need re-fixing at the end nearest the cab. At the front end the transverse end handrail will need to be fitted along with the foot-step irons. The front coupling is available but not fitted. These parts are held in a sealable packet within the box and can be fitted once shipping the locomotive is completed. There is a leaflet contained in the box, which gives a good prototypical historical note, assembly instructions and a parts list. The box, inner tray and leaflet are in good condition.

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