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LNER (Ex.NBR) 10T 4-wheel Brake Van r/n 700121


7mm. finescale etched kit-built LNER (Ex.NBR) 10T 4-wheel Brake Van r/n 700121 in bauxite livery

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This new 7mm. finescale LNER (Ex.NBR) 10T 4-wheel Brake Van number 700121 in bauxite livery was built from the Celtic Connection etched brass kit with whitemetal castings by Peter Callon. It is in running order with one compensated axle & split spoke finescale Haywood Railway blackened steel tyres & axles. The buffers (Haywood Railway) & scale couplings are sprung. There is glazing to the guard’s compartment (including the lookouts) & the veranda outer ends. One veranda has the brake wheel fitted. Purpose made storage box & instructions.

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