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LNER Gresley 4-6-4 tender engine 10000, The “Hush-Hush”


7mm. finescale LNER Gresley Class W1 4-6-4 tender engine 10000, The “Hush-Hush” is built using etched brass, nickel silver and stainless steel components.

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This 7mm. finescale LNER Gresley Class W1 4-6-2-2 tender engine number 10000 fitted with the high pressure boiler, in original grey livery was built & painted by Nick Dunhill utilising David Andrews etches for the tender & ACE Models etches for the engine with replacement parts & castings, many supplied by Laurie Griffin. The Canon motor is mounted on a Ron Chaplin gearbox & the locomotive is running on Slater’s wheels with inside working motion, and compensation on the engine’s leading two driving axles. The leading pony truck has vertical and lateral springing. Both axles on the trailing pony truck are independently mounted allowing vertical and lateral compensation. Similarly, the trailing three axles of the tender are compensated. The “American” System for power collection has been adopted with pick up from both engine & tender. Diane Carney nameplates are included.

The model has been a winner of the British Railway Modelling Best Locomotive Award.

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