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NER 12-wheel Composite Dining Saloon r/n 3573


“OO” finescale etched brass NER 12-wheel Composite Dining Saloon r/n 3573 in full crimson livery

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This “OO” finescale North Eastern Railway 12-wheel Composite Dining Saloon number 3573 in crimson livery was built & painted by Ian Rathbone (plate on underside)¬†from the D & S Models etched brass kit. The bogies are etched brass assemblies built from D & S Components fitted with finescale all metal Mansell wheelsets. The glazed interior has etched brass partitions with panelling & there are tables & seating. The¬†scale couplings are sprung with one in need of one missing link. The buffers are brass. Boxed

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