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“O” Gauge finescale BR (Ex. LMS) 21T. Double Bolster Wagon r/n M 726287 with load


7mm. finescale kit-built BR (Ex.LMS) 21T. Double Bolster with RSJ load and weathered paintwork.

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This 7mm. finescale BR (Ex.LMS) 21T. Double Bolster Wagon fleet number M 726287 in weathered grey finish has a RSJ load (RSJ’s also lightly weathered). The load is secured by bolster chains. The model was built and painted by Morgan Lewis from the Parkside Dundas kit (cat. ref. PS20). The 3-hole disc wheelsets have axle boxes allowing vertical compensation. The buffers and couplings are sprung. The wagon has additional weighting located in the underfloor panelling. Original box in good condition.

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