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“O” Gauge finescale GWR Fitted Diag. 0.4 LOT 868 6 Wheel Siphon r/n 1803 in brown livery, with load


7mm. finescale kit-built Fitted GWR 10T. 6 Wheel Siphon to Diag. 0.4 r/n 1803 with milk churn load.

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This 7mm. finescale GWR Fitted 10T. Diag. 0.4 LOT 868 6 Wheel Siphon fleet number 1803 in brown livery and with load of milk churns, was built by John Jarvis (plate on underside) from the Slaters’ kit. Prototypically, this siphon was built in March 1898 and condemned in November 1947. The model is in good running order and condition. It has not been previously owned. The vehicle has Mansell wheelsets mounted in fully compensated brass sub-frames. The buffers and screw couplings are sprung. There are a number of milk churns as a load. One of the corner-mounted lamp brackets is damaged.

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