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“O” Gauge Finescale L&NWR 30ft. Non-Corridor First/Third carriage with luggage compartment r/n 1098 full livery


7mm. finescale etched-brass kit-built L&NWR 30ft. Non-Corridor First/Third carriage r/n 1098 with centre luggage compartment, full livery  and fitted interior.

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This 7mm. finescale L&NWR 30ft. Non-Corridor carriage has two First and two Third Compartments with a Luggage compartment in the centre. The model is built from an etched brass kit with interior partitions and seating. The carriage has full livery with fleet number 1098. It has Mansell wheelsets, the centre axle is mounted on a compensated cradle with side and vertical movement. The cradle also carries two vacuum cylinders. One of the outer wheelsets has full compensation, whilst the remaining outer wheelset is mounted on an etched cradle with limited compensation. The buffers and couplings are sprung. The roof is fitted but is currently loose for inserting passenger figures. The vehicle is in good running order and condition.

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