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“O” Gauge finescale MR 1853 Class 4-2-2 Passenger Locomotive r/n 39


7mm. finescale brass-built “Modified” 1853 Class MR Johnson Bogie “Single” R/N 39

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This 7mm. finescale Modified 1853 Class 4-2-2 Tender Locomotive fleet number 39 is built and painted from brass. The model is in very good running order and condition. The motor/gearbox is a Portescap and the wheels are Slater’s. The trailing two tender axles are compensated, and the engine bogie has vertical and lateral movement. The buffers and couplings are sprung. The cab back-head is very nicely detailed, the tender-engine coupling is adjustable and there is power collection from the tender. The 3250 gallon tender has a real coal load. There is lead weighting between the frames, below the motor/gearbox. Prototypically, this locomotive was built at Derby in the period 1891-1893, and although it kept the “D” boiler, the driving wheels had heavy coil springs, and a more massive frame (Essery & Jenkinson coined the “Modified” description).

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