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“OO” finescale kit-built fitted LNER Dia.F9 10 Ton Perishables Van r/n 76224 in bauxite livery


“OO” finescale kit-built dual brake fitted LNER Dia.F9 10T. Perishables Van r/n 76224 in bauxite livery

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This “OO” finescale LNER Dia. F9 10 Ton Perishables Van with running number 76224 in bauxite livery was built & painted from a whitemetal kit. The van is built to an original NER design & has dual Westinghouse & vacuum brake systems fitted. It also has steam pipes fitted so that it can run in express formations. The van is in very good running order & excellent condition. The finescale wheelsets are metal-tyred split spoked & the buffers & couplings are un-sprung brass.

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