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“OO”BR(E) Class V2 2-6-2 tender locomotive r/n 60964 “The Durham Light Infantry” late crest livery


4mm. scale RTR BR(E) Class V2 2-6-2 group standard tender locomotive r/n 60964 “The Durham Light Infantry”, late crest livery

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This 4mm. scale BR (Ex.LNER) Class V2 2-6-2 tender locomotive fleet number 60964 “The Durham Light Infantry” in brunswick green lined late crest livery is a re-numbered and re-named Bachmann 2006 release (cat. ref. 31-550). This model has the 4200 gallon group standard tender. It is in good running order and condition although the brake rodding for the engine is not in the box (rodding for the tender is present) and the vacuum hoses are not in the box. The  replacement transfers and the etched brass nameplate have been well applied. Box is in average condition (vision panel and inner tray good).

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