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1/10th. Scale Markie Showmans Road Locomotive “Earl Beatty”


1/10th. Scale “Markie” Traction Engine “Earl Beatty”

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This 1/10th. Scale Markie Showmans Road Locomotive “Earl Beatty” Registration Number CO 4052 was built in September 1988. The traction engine has its Certificate of Manufacture and original Boiler Test Certificate. Also included in the Scenic Engine’s Documentation File is a record of modifications undertaken between May 1989 and July 1991. The traction engine has a butane fired copper boiler of silver soldered construction. It underwent a condition examination and hydrostatic test in February 2020. The Certificate of Test is included in the document file along with a record of the overhaul work undertaken at the time. In addition to testing the engine on compressed air and servicing appropriately, operation of other fittings and fixtures including the Mechanical Lubricator, Canopy Lighting, Generator/Motor, fabricate wooden footplate, procure new belts to drive the Generator and Exciter, make and fit Uptake Tubes (from safety valves) and new Chimney Top, handle for hand pump, coal to bunker, repair straps for Extension Chimney and make firing shovel and bucket. All polished work was removed and refurbished, twisted brasses were removed and refurbished and new fastenings fitted (please note these twisted brasses form part of the canopy lighting circuit). The wheels have been refurbished including the tyres.

There are two plug-in transformers as the power supplies to the generator and the lighting circuit are set at different voltages.

The traction engine was overhauled by J A Glaze (plate to bunker).